Fitbit Charge Hr Review

The fitbit company has been bent on creating devices that will help people remain fit. Their devices may not be gym equipment but rather equipment that helps you track how much weigh you have lost, what amount of calories you have burnt and whether you are getting enough sleep or not. The fitbit charge hr is among the best devices because it can track what your heart rate is and how much calories you have lost in a day.

It is a wrist worn tracker that measure the distance travelled, calories burned, amount of sleep per 24 hours, stairs climbed and activities done. It is made of a small elastomer polymer band that comes in a variety of colors including blue, black, tangerine and plum. It has a smooth texture on the outside so that it does not cause injury to your arms. It comes in three sizes 5.5 to 6.5 inches around the wrist for small and 6.3 o 7.6 inches around the wrist for large. The extra large size ranges from 7.6 to 9.1 inches and can only be bought from the company’s website directly. The band is however solid and cannot be changed anytime some one wants to.

Though it is a water proof product, it is not completely water proof and thus you should avoid swimming while wearing it. You will also be required to wear it a few inches from your wrist bone so that it can record your heartbeat more accurately.

It allows you as its user to log into you account in the cloud easily using the fitbit mobile application or simply by using the USB device the fitbit charge hr is bought with in its packaging. The app is available for all smartphones except those that use the Symbian operating system.

The screen is an LCD screen only stamp size. The surfaces of the device are smooth and are not adorned. It uses a watch battery which lasts 6 months and is therefore easy to change and will not cost you more than $3.

The only problem with this device’s design is that it does not come with a back light, making it useless in the dark.

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This device is really meant to help encourage you to lose weight and eat healthy. Therefore, when you key in to your account in the cloud and it notices you have not been working towards that goal, an emoticon on the screen will stick out its tongue rudely. If you have been working towards your weight loss goals, the emoticon will smile at you. The device comes with a USB adapter that will allow you to connect your device to your PC via Bluetooth. It can also connect in the same way to your IPhone gadget via the fitbit IOS app.

Your account will display your weight, calories burned, steps taken and if you have entered your preferred diet, it will look at the weight lost/ gain against the amount and type of food eaten. This device will also count the number, stairs you have climbed and tell you if you have slept well.